5 Reasons to Protect Your Car Paint with a Film

If you have a new car, the last thing that you want is to get it scratched or damaged. In addition, if your vehicle has been in an accident, then there’s even more reason to protect it with a film. You’ll find that this can help keep your paint looking shiny and new for years to come, so read on for 6 reasons why you should be protecting your car paint with a film!

1) Protection from scratches

The number one reason why you should protect your car paint with a film is to prevent it from getting scratched.

A lot of people will use their keys or other metal objects on their vehicle, and this can lead to some big problems! You’ll find that a film helps reduce the risk of damage by protecting against these types of accidents. Of course, if something does happen then there’s just as much chance that it might leave an indentation in the vinyl instead of the actual paint itself. In addition, most modern cars have factory protection which has been baked into the clear coat. This means that even though those tiny rocks may not seem so bad now – they could cause major issues later on down the line when left untreated.

In the same way, this kind of protection can also help to prevent chips and scratches that are normally caused by debris or other road hazards. This is especially true when you’re driving in an area where there’s a lot of dust or sand blowing around on your vehicle!

2) Protection from bugs and other debris

Another good reason to protect your car paint with a film is because of the increased protection that it provides against bugs, birds, rocks, etc.

If you’re driving in an area where there are large concentrations of insects or if there’s lots of vegetation nearby then this can be very problematic for your vehicle! You’ll find that these objects can cause major damage to unprotected vehicles when they get thrown up at high speeds. When left untreated, even small chips could spread out across the whole panel which would make them much more noticeable than ever before – not only does this ruin the look but also makes repairs extremely difficult too. If you do have any sort of accident (even something like hitting a pothole) then you’ll find that a film can help to prevent it from spreading and getting worse.

Most modern vehicles have factory protection baked into the clear coat, but this won’t protect your paint against small debris or things like bird droppings! You may think that birds dropping is harmless because it’s just one little spot but imagine if your car was covered in them! This turns into quite a big problem since water doesn’t bead off anymore either due to all of those spots on top of each other – not only does this reduce visibility but also causes rusting much more quickly than normal (especially when combined with road salt during winter). In addition, any damage done by gravel/sand will be harder to see as well- which helps lead us to our next point!

3) Protection from sand and gravel

This is another one of the big reasons that you should be protecting your car paint with a film.

Sand and gravel can cause extremely severe damage to cars so it’s always best if you prevent any issues before they even start! If there are lots of small rocks or debris on the road then this could easily get kicked up onto your vehicle at high speeds, especially when driving through areas where cars tend to kick things up like construction sites. One good bump by a rock/gravel and those scratches will spread across your whole panel – but not if you have protection! You’ll find that most films provide some level of resistance against these types of harsh particles (even more than factory clear coats do) which means that they can help to prevent damage from spreading. This also provides an extra layer of security when you’re driving in areas where there might be a lot more road hazards than usual – if something gets caught up under your wheel well then it won’t affect the paint at all and will instead just get trapped by the film (and eventually peeled off).

4) Protection from low-speed accidents

Another good reason to protect your car paint with a film is because of the protection that it provides against those pesky little bumps and dings.

If you accidentally scrape something like a pole or another vehicle then this could cause some serious damage (especially if it’s metal) – even though these types of accidents rarely happen on their own! You’ll find that most films provide an extra layer between your fresh paint job and whatever object might be causing issues, which means that any chips won’t spread out as much as they normally would have before. In addition, all cars use a clear coat for its shine – so anything getting caught up in there will ruin the look just as quickly too! This also helps prevent rusting since there won’t be any water getting trapped behind the paint (which is typically what causes rusting to happen).

5) Keeps the new paint job protected

Another great reason to protect your car paint with a film is that it can help keep your fresh paint looking flawless for as long as possible.

While factory clear coats will do an okay job of protecting from small particles, they won’t provide any sort of resistance against bird droppings or anything else that’s been cooked into the road from being exposed to sunlight (which is what causes oxidation and fading). If you drive around in hot areas like Miami then this could be especially problematic since there tends to be plenty of sun exposure plus lots of salt on the roads during winter too – which means that those chips will turn much more quickly than they would elsewhere! In addition, films are made out of urethane which is actually stronger than paint so it will be much more durable in the long run too.

Protection from these common issues helps keep your car looking brand new for longer – and that’s always a good thing! It can help extend the lifetime of your vehicle while also increasing its resale value when you’re ready to upgrade or sell since potential buyers are going to want something shiny with no blemishes. Even if they wouldn’t have noticed some chips before, they certainly would now- which could drastically reduce how much money you receive back compared to having protection installed beforehand (or even just keeping up regular servicing).






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