Responsibilities in Breeding French Bulldogs

Many unscrupulous sellers have bought French bulldogs to breed. This is due to the increased demand. These people don’t realize the responsibility of breeding a French bulldog. French bulldogs can be companions or show dogs, but they are an exceptional breed. These dogs require special attention during breeding, gestation, and after birth.

Responsible breeders are familiar with the following facts about French bulldogs. They will consider each factor before proceeding to breed the females.

Frenchies must be tested for the various genes that can cause some of the health issues seen in this breed. von Willebrand’s Disease is one such condition that should be screened. This disease causes defective blood clotting in the affected dog, making it susceptible to severe bleeding from even small injuries.

Frenchies should not be bred in the first heat. The female can then be bred in the subsequent heats. French bulldogs over five years old should not be bred as there is a high chance of complications and the possibility that the dog may not live to full term.

You’ll need to find a stud elsewhere if you have only the female. You will need to find the right candidate for your dog. Finding the right stud and having your female bred are not cheap. This is a lengthy process. You should identify a good stud before your female goes on heat to ensure you have the right arrangements.

Although there is no guarantee that the female will become pregnant, it is possible to increase the chances of successful mating by providing the right care for your female. Ask a vet or reputable breeder for advice on the best time to do this. However, you can get a rough idea by counting the days until your female begins to bleed (spotting). This period usually lasts about 9 days. It is also known as proestrus. This means that the female is just getting ready to give birth. The female is now fully in estrus after nine days. The eleventh day marks the ovary’s release and is the best time to breed. From the time the dog begins spotting, this is day 11. The dog is fertile between now and day 13.

French bulldogs might need a c-section to give birth to their puppies. You must ensure you have the finances to pay for a vet.

You will also need to care for the puppies until you can sell them.

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