4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Car Ceramic Coated

Car ceramic coating is a finish that is designed to protect your car from the elements and make it look great. It’s not something you should rush into, though– there are some things you need to know before getting your car ceramic coated. Read on for 4 things you should know before getting your car ceramic coated.

1) Ceramic coating is not the same as waxing

Waxing your car creates a protective layer on top of your paint so that liquids or contaminants can’t penetrate it. While this might seem similar to ceramic coating, they are actually very different. Ceramic coatings seal in the paint below them with an extremely thin, but strong polymer film. This means that anything you put over it will be protected by its solid surface rather than just sitting on top like with waxes or other protectants. Waxing also wears off after several months whereas ceramic coatings last much longer–up to three years!

2) Ceramic coating costs more than waxing

Ceramic coatings are much thicker and harder to apply, which means they aren’t cheap. Expect to pay more for this kind of protection–and that is if you do it yourself! If you go through an auto detailing service, the price will be higher still because of their overhead costs. Waxes can cost as little as $30 or less depending on where you buy them from, but these types of protectants last only several months at best. This means over time your car will require both ceramic coatings and waxing services so it might even out with one another eventually.

3) Ceramic coating is much harder to remove

One of the best things about waxes and other protectants you can buy at a store is that they are easy to apply and remove. Once applied, simply use an all-purpose cleaner/rubber polisher to get it off your car without damaging its finish. With ceramic coatings, however, because it only penetrates the surface (rather than sitting on top), this means it’s stuck there until you strip away every layer with chemicals. Unfortunately, these aren’t sold over-the-counter so if you want yours removed another company will have to do it for which costs money again!

4) You can’t use waxes after getting ceramic coated

If you’re planning on having your car professionally ceramically coated, then contact ceramic coating Toms River NJ, it might seem like a good idea to also get it waxed at the same time. Not so fast! Waxing and ceramic coating both create a film over your paint as their protective layers, which means that if they are applied together there is no room for anything else between them–like water or other liquids. The result? You end up with two useless layers of protection instead of one strong one because neither will work properly any longer.

In conclusion, car ceramic coating is a great service to have done. It will protect your paint from the elements and contaminants for up to three years, so it’s worth considering if you want something that lasts longer than waxing! Just make sure not to rush into anything–ceramic coatings are much different from other products sold at stores, which means they also require more money and time spent to get them applied.

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