Storm Damage Home Repairs

First, check for power lines that have fallen if you are a victim of storm damage. If you find that this is the case, contact the electric company immediately. You should not touch or drive over a powerline as it could be energized. Damaged power lines can transmit electricity through trees and metal fences. It is important to be careful not to come in contact with them.

Check to make sure the power has been restored after the storm. To avoid overloading a circuit, turn off your appliances one at a time if the electricity is back on. To repair any damage to the electricity, call a professional electrician. Your local power company cannot repair the power line that runs directly to your home or the meter. The homeowner is responsible for any electrical systems or appliances in your home. It is possible to injure yourself or cause damage to weather heads and meter boxes. Only licensed electricians should do this. Repairs should not be attempted by you. This can lead to fires, electric shocks, or damage to appliances and other items. Contact 911 immediately if anyone is hurt.

After all the above is done, check your home for water buildup. This can lead to the foundation becoming weaker. Examine for cracks or bulging along indoor and outdoor walls. Check again in the following weeks if all seems well. Sometimes, it takes months for storm-related problems to become apparent. You should be aware of any doors that are stuck to the ceiling or cracks in it. These could indicate that the foundation is damaged and that the house is shifting. For more information, contact a professional home inspector if you have any questions or concerns.

Floodwaters can damage electrical components like furnaces, appliances, and outlets, which can lead to fires. A professional cooling and heating contractor should inspect your heating system if it has been damaged. You may need to replace parts of the heating system, rather than the entire unit.

Remove items from basements damaged by storms and dry them with fans or dehumidifiers. You should immediately inspect the exterior for loose or damaged gutters and fix them. You can clean out the soil around the foundation walls by adding fill dirt to it and then sloping it away.

Always consult a professional if you have any questions about storm damage repair Connecticut.

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